Contact Lens Travel Kit Case, a handy toolkit for your contacts.

It might be difficult to carry beauty along with you everyplace you go. Also, it is important to be lightly equipped. When it comes to Contact lenses, one must be careful to handle it. Here we have solution for it. We have this combo kit to carry all your requirement to safeguard your spare lens. A fancy and cute biscuit shaped carrying case available in various colors pink, white, yellow, brown and blue. It has a mirror attached with various accessories.

For a proper care of lens use Contact Lens Travel Kit. This kit consists of following accessories:
1. Lens Case: Store your lens in this case properly dipped in saline solution. Always change the saline solution for every replacement of lens. Correctly, keep your lens in respective lens case i.e. lens ofleft eye in left marked lens case and right one in right marked case.
2. Bottle: Carry extra saline solution in this bottle for cleansing and disinfection of lens.
3. Tweezer: Its recommended to use tweezer instead your hand to handle the lenses for hygeinic view point. It can also be used to remove lens from eyes. For removal of lens pinch edge of lens.  Using tweezers helps minimise deposits on lenses that can cause discomfort and obscured vision.
4. Suction pipe: Use this suction pipe to put lens in eye. First grab lens using tweezer and put in tip of this pipe and then carefully place in your eye.

Are you purchasing this kit for you loved ones? its gonna be a great gift for your dear ones especially who are fond of contact lens. Purchase from us now!

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